Daily Codes

Did you ever wish you had 25,000 more credits so you could buy that new defensive plasma blaster? Or is your entire away team about to die on the bottom level of a cave system while you’re carrying a wealth of loot?

Daily codes to the rescue!

Today, 07/17/20, this code will grant you $55,000 in Approaching Infinity: 4BxYmxST

So if you actually own the previous version of the game already, that will work for you. Today. But not tomorrow. Sorry. And you can only use one code per day, if you happen to have multiple codes.

Here are codes for the first week after launch:

  • August 7 (Rescue Code) : !jO3oqW$
  • August 8 (Credits Code) : Vbu7cVhi
  • August 9 (Item Code, Cloaking Device, level=+100% ) : F8GFFu8y
  • August 10 (Device Code, Vertical Landing Module) : *bEDKJRH
  • August 11 (Rescue Code) : RbAiC$l7
  • August 12 (Credits Code) : 98^9uxbY
  • August 13 (Item Code, Small Ship Weapon, level=+25% ) : M88J9p8e

OK, but what’s a rescue code?

If your shields are down, your armor’s crumbling, and your supplies are drained, use a rescue code! If your landing party’s down to their last breath and you’re being eaten alive by squither larvae, use the rescue code, it restores all your stats!

Find rescue codes here, in Steam announcements, or on Twitter.