Roadmap (Skymap?)


“Exactly how will we Approach Infinity?”

Approaching Infinity is already a fun, addictive, fully playable, win-able, ultra lose-able game. But when it comes to Steam, I want to see it get bigger and better.

New eyes are going to see new problems. They’ll also have suggestions for improvements big and small. When AI was in beta testing, the game evolved considerably. I expect 6 months in Early Access with a new larger community to be much like that.

Instead of a presenting the world with a specific set of development goals, I’ll list a few suggestions I have for the game, and see what people think. I’ll also collect the feedback I get once the game is launched, and the best ideas will go up here too.

Some of my ideas, as of July 2020:

  • An “Art Quest” event, where steam users compete to be the first player to find each piece of alien art in the game, and get their name permanently attached to it as its discoverer!
  • Making the universe more infinite by expanding planets to the north, east, south, and west (adding new map transitions).
  • Adding a tenth victory condition! (This one is centered around a supposedly dead alien race sequestered in a certain sector…)
  • An eleventh way to win?! (A quest to the deepest regions of space, to discover the fate of the fabled in-game race called “The Engravers”.)
  • Officer fights! Maybe 2 of your officers don’t like each other, and you have to do something about it? Or what if they like each other too much?
  • “Bones Files”: find the remains of your previous games… and loot them!

What can you think of?

Let me know!