The space adventure rogue-like you’ve been looking for!


An entire procedurally generated universe is waiting! Start your journey in a forgotten corner of space. Learn to survive, and you’ll progress into ever-more challenging sectors.

Search through uncharted space to find a planet to land on. Hand out space-suits, blasters, and melee weapons… and don’t forget the oxygen! Delve into loot-filled caves but look out for hungry monsters.

Upgrade your weapons, armor, and shields (or buy them if your chosen starting ship doesn’t have any). Buy a cloaking device, asteroid cracker, or plasma lance to add new abilities. Equip your away team with better suits, guns, and melee weapons. Find gear that lets them climb mountains, walk on water, or even cross rivers of lava!


Loot makes the world go ’round. That, and a simulated economy you can take advantage of… Buy low and sell high! Mine asteroids in space, or have your landing party collect resources planet-side. Find hidden treasure troves deep in caverns, or among the remains of wrecked ships floating through space.

As for ship weapons, shields, armor, engines, space suits, hand weapons, and all the other equipment every space captain needs: it never stops getting better. There is no level cap. No matter what amazing piece of gear you find, if you go far enough, someone else will have a better one. So be careful…


Not only do you have to defeat or escape from space pirates and hideous planet-monsters, but you’ve also got to keep an eye on your supplies and oxygen level.

If your ship runs out of fuel, you’re stranded. If the away team runs out of oxygen, it depends where you are… If there’s no air, you start to asphyxiate. If there is a breathable atmosphere, all you have to worry about are the local microscopic pathogens you’re breathing 🤢.


Live long enough, and you’ll have allies. Once you’ve made friends with one of the alien races, you’ll learn their story and decide whether you want to help them with whatever they’re planning.

These missions are the main way to win, and 8 of the 12 alien cultures will present you with game-ending victories. But beware: making friends with one race will almost certainly make you enemies of another, whether you like it or not.

Not ready to take sides? That’s fine. You can also find paying work in almost every sector, at the friendly neighborhood Banker Station.


Space is dark and full of terrors. But once you come to understand that certain aliens aren’t actually out to kill you, that you should never shoot a puff-ball, and that laser gates require precise timing, you’ll find that it’s not actually too hard to make your way.

You’ll find the remains of dead civilizations, log entries from other captains in their moments of triumph or defeat, discarded cargo manifests, and strange advertisements. You’ll recover pieces of alien art. You’ll receive insights into alien histories and psychologies.


Approaching Infinity is a “Rogue-Like”. The world is laid out on a square grid, and the action is turn-based. Everything is created fresh for each new game from a set of probabilistic rules. And it is hard.

In your first few games, you can expect to:

  • Run out of supplies before you find the space station.
  • Shoot the wrong alien and get swarmed by its friends.
  • Get too far from the shuttle and die from lack of oxygen.
  • Travel to a distant sector where you’re hopelessly out-gunned.

But it’s also fair. You’re not really at the mercy of RNG (Random Number Generation). You won’t encounter a planet-destroying Eater Leviathan in sector 2. You can’t be one-hit-killed by something hiding in a nebula. You get plenty of warnings before your oxygen is depleted. With care, you can do it!

Turn Off Perma-Death?!

I’m speaking as the developer now. Hi, I’m Bob. I created Approaching Infinity, and I’m so in love with this game’s world that I don’t want anyone to be afraid to explore it.

There are so many stories, hidden secrets, and mind-blowing places to find, that I want to make sure you, the player, can see as much of it as you want. So Approaching Infinity allows you to turn off perma-death when starting a new game. This will also disable achievements, but some will find that a small price to pay for the richness they’ll experience.


Approaching Infinity: The Space Adventure Rogue-Like is coming to Steam August 5th, 2020. It’s launching as an “Early Access” title, but everything you’ve read about is fully functional. Early access will be used to bring the game up to version 2.0, which will include a host of new features and improvements to existing systems.